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Maisie Dunbar, a celebrity cosmetic professional and body therapist. Maisie has been a celebrity in this business for over a decade, and has worked with celebrities from all areas of the entertainment industry.

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    The Eponychium's Dilemma The Eponychium's Dilemma By Doug Schoon, Dana Point, CA Nail anatomy terminology is confused and there is no shortage of competing ideas and not much clarity. Everyone seems to be confused about the names for the parts of the natural nail, even doctors and scientists aren't sure which terms to use. Misinformation is abundant, so it can be very difficult to know the facts, but the facts are what we need. I've been working behind the scenes with many of the top nail educators in the world to address this problem, for indeed it is a global problem. In doing so, I created the original version of the drawing above and based it on a strict interpretation of the medical definitions. I shared that first version with many people, including world-class scientists, dermatologists, podiatrists and pathologists. Of course, I heard many different opinions, but I was looking for hard facts[…]