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Spa Business


We have been there so allow us to help you. Maisie Dunbar, with 30+ years of Spa ownership experience, shares her knowledge and training through consultations to national and international clients. Consultation includes, to name a few: space planning/visual merchandising, services and menu conception, staffing, sales and marketing, products procurement, product curating, vendor management, business plans, spa software, clientele management, customer service, sustainability and more.

SPA Package
  • Week 1 Front desk
  • Week 2-3 (wellness Treatment – Pedicure/Nail Treatment)
  • Week 4 Massage: Quick refresher on Anatomy Physiology

Comprehensive spa &

Wellness Training

Comprehensive spa /wellness training 4 -6 weeks $20,000 (package) Including one week of onsite training. Hotel, ground transportation, and airfare are not included.   

Front desk each department has one week of training:

One week of training will include but not limited to

  1. Strategies to succeed 
  2. script to use
  3. The duties of the front desk
  4. Words to used
  5. The power of retention
  6. The power of homecare vs retail


  1. Proper foot care
  2. why foot care
  3. feet mapping. 
  4. proper circulation 
  5. understand blood flow 
  6. knowing the how and why of foot massage  

Sanitation: Understanding your state laws Nails and Feet, 


  1. Nail anatomy
  2. Tools: what to use and why
  3. Why you need them
  4. Files (grit and why)
  5. Manicure proper manicure techniques
  6. Dippen powder (why; the dos and don’ts of dippen powder)
  7. Understanding what a Gel manicure is
  8. Gel manicure vs regular manicure
  9. Gel system- proper removal
  10. Nail Enhancements (working with a system) the importance

Nail Booster:

  1. Rescue
  2. IBX boost; IBX Repair

Q&A Session  



Nail art $500 and up

Ear candling: $150

Reflexology hands $150

Reflexology feet$250

  • Nail art $500 and up
  • Ear candling: $150
  • Reflexology hands $150
  • Reflexology feet $250
Spa Business


Best Get
$20002 Days / 4 Hours Per Day
  • Starting at $2000 (One Time Fee)
  • Foot Anatomy
  • Footlogix Pedicure
  • IBX Relief Pedicure
  • Bamboo Fusion Pedicure
  • Stone Pedicure
  • Foot Reflexology Pedicure
  • $400 value in products
  • Badge of completion
  • Starting at $2500 (One Time Fee)
  • Understanding your scope of practice
  • Sanitation
  • Deep pore
  • Antiaging
  • Acne
  • Oncology
  • Badge of completion
$1000/ 5 Hours Per Day
  • Starting at $1000 (One Time Fee)
  • Sanitation
  • Contradiction
  • The different kinds of wax and why 
  • Demo
  • Tools you need and why
  • Q&A
  • Badge of completion