Maisie Dunbar, an award winning, pace setting, worldwide entrepreneur Maisie Dunbar chose beauty as her career, leaving the corporate world, and then took it to the ultimate in success. Her accomplishments in and for the industry are legendary among those who know her as an acquaintance, a client or as a peer professional. Every person I know in the beauty industry has the highest respect for Maisie – mention her name and everyone is enthusiastic toward her activities – we all know she represents us well in the world, not just locally.
Maisie‘s willingness to support others in the American beauty industry is well known, but she also has stretched her positive example and training to the development of the industry in other parts of the world. A native of Liberia and American citizen, she launched her skincare and professional makeup brand, BluffaJo, in African countries such as Ghana, Lagos, Liberia and Nigeria, inspiring persons in those countries to uplift their lives.
Yes, Maisie’s honesty, integrity and sincerity are well known by everyone who knows her, whether as close friends or as mere acquaintances. But I must say, for me, her commitment to prayer is dear to me. Maisie knows that surviving the day, a career or a tragedy can be through prayer, and I love that about her.
Please forgive my being more personal than business-like in my recommendation of Maisie, but I truly feel the shining of the beautiful internal Maisie to the world is the secret to her success, that showing that beauty uplifts everyone around her.

Author and Co-Owner
Nailcare Academy, LLC
Fort Myers, FL